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Sergio Chozas is visiting Madrid

Sergio Chozas arrived today to Madrid for two weeks of work at MNCN. We’ll set up the analyses for the effects of human pressure and natural dynamics on the structure of the sand dune plant communities he’s studying at south-west Portugal.

Back from the IBS meeting in Miami

Joaquín is back from the IBS biannual meeting in Miami. An excellent (though long) week of talks and work meetings that has resulted in nice ideas and contributions to improve some of the lab’s current research, strengthen current collaborations and setup new ones.

We also had a fruitful editorial meeting for Frontiers of Biogeography, which will help building up the strategy for the forthcoming two crucial years for the journal.

Nonetheless, Pedro was one of the sensations of the meeting, being now the youngest member of the Society.

Logo of the IBS 2013 Miami Meeting

Oposicion (job application) at Barcelona

This week I’m at the job application for a permanent research position at Spanish CSIC. The first exercise (exposition of the CV) has started today, and I’ll probably give my talk on Wednesday. A lot of good researchers in ecology, as well as a few good friends. Tomorrow we’ll know whether the second exercise (research project) is this week or in two weeks’ time (probably the latter).

Leaving Goiânia

Tomorrow I’m finally leaving for good to go back to Madrid to be full time in my position at the Natural History Museum of Madrid. It have been more than 14 months (leaving out the trips to Europe) working as Visiting Professor at the Dept. of Ecology of the Federal University of Goiás, interacting with the people here, teaching and starting to work with several students. We will maintain the cooperation, of course; I’ll receive students from here and come here from time to time. But I’m going to miss these people and the continous scientific discussion. Hopefully (or rather I’m sure) I will have a fruitful and exciting environment in the Madrid Museum from now on.

Obrigado gente.

Registration is open for the course on «Measuring biodiversity» at Lisbon

Next January (16th-20th) I’ll be teaching my course on «Measuring Biodiversity: Obtaining data, assessing its quality and generating measures of different aspects of diversity». This is one of the Advanced Courses 2012 of the Centre for Environmental Biology (CBA) of the Faculdade de Ciencias of the University of Lisbon.

The course is an update of the one I’ve been teaching at, e.g., the University of Alcalá, Federal University of Goiás or Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, among other places. Its aim is to provide the students with a broad view on why we measure biodiversity, how we measure it, and how each measure relates to each aspect of diversity, and which ecological, evolutionary and biogeographical processes may be related to each one of these aspects. Special emphasis is made on how to overcome the limitations of biodiversity data. Although species diversity is the main focus of the course, phylogenetic and – specially – functional diversity are also discussed. A brief description of the course and the registration details can be found here.

New SDM paper out online

The report of the meeting on how to use Species Distribution Modelling for biodiversity research in Brazil, organized last August in Belo Horizonte by Luciana Kamino, has just been published online on Biology Letters. There you can find several insight on how to study species’ distributions in the megadiverse tropical areas.

Kamino, L.H.Y., Stehmann, J.R., Amaral, S., De Marco Jr, P., Rangel, T.F., de Siqueira, M.F., De Giovanni, R. & Hortal, J. (2011) Challenges and perspectives for species distribution modelling in the Neotropics. Biology Letters, in press. doi:10.1098/rsbl.2011.0942

Site under construction

Jesús designed and put together the page, and now I have started to fill it with contents. In the forthcoming weeks (or months) I will make available publications, data, course materials and updates on my research, as well as information on my students and collaborators. In this blog I’ll publish the latest news on my work and some updates on that of my collaborators.